Former Denver Bronco Turns to Stem Cell Therapy to Ease Post-Football Pain

Excerpt from: The Denver Post / Written By: Nicki Jhabvala

NFL Football 2004 - Broncos vs. Chargers

In April, Jeb Putzier received stem cell therapy at Premier Stem Cell Institute in Johnstown, Colorado, with the hope the treatments would alleviate his joint pain and ward off the need for surgery.

These treatments use adult stem cells pulled from one’s own body. The cells can then divide into additional cells and become specialized.

The mesenchymal stem cells were harvested from the bone marrow in Putzier’s iliac crest, or hip bone, and reinjected into six joints — both shoulders, hips and knees — as well as his left foot. Within a few months those blank-slate cells are expected to develop into the same type of cells that surround them to expedite healing.

The treatments typically take about 45 minutes, and a couple days of swelling and soreness are followed by a gradual return to activity, whereas surgeries typically require weeks if not months of rest, rehabilitation and medications.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates the use and research of stem cells in the U.S. It’s legal to harvest adult stem cells and reinject them into the same patient, so long as there’s only minimal manipulation of those cells.

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